WBTC is now live in COSS Wallet

By August 27, 2019COSS Wallet
WBTC live in COSS Wallet

Hello, everyone.

We are expanding our list of supported assets by incorporating one more token this week.

Today, we have integrated WBTC in the COSS Wallet app allows users to store, send, receive, spend and exchange the cryptocurrency from one single wallet.

About WBTC (Wrapped BITCOIN)

Wrapped BITCOIN a cryptocurrency token that instills more liquidity in the Ethereum ecosystem which includes decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and financial applications. At present, the greater part of trading volume occurs on centralised exchanges using Bitcoin.

With WBTC, a shift in trend will occur where DEXs will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin’s liquidity and make token trades with Bitcoins a possibility. It generates smart contracts for Bitcoin which ‘wraps’ Bitcoin to standardise it to ERC20 format.

It facilitates the writing of smart contracts that integrate Bitcoin transfers.

About COSS Wallet

COSS Wallet allows you to securely store, send/receive crypto via GPS using the Near-by feature. It gives you complete control over your crypto and enables access to all your crypto private keys with one master password. We now support 33 cryptocurrencies, across 9 blockchains.

COSS Wallet offers various in-app services:

  • COSS Star Rating – Earn COSS Plus reward points on every next star rating you achieve.
  • Address Book feature – Save your wallet addresses just as you save your contacts. 
  • Mobile bill payments & Recharges – Make prepaid mobile recharges and pay postpaid mobile bills using supported cryptocurrency across 160+ countries
  • Instant cryptocurrency conversions – COSS Wallet allows you to convert your cryptocurrency instantly
  • Send and Receive crypto with an industry-first GPS-based “Near-By” feature – Now transfer cryptocurrencies instantly nearby without any hassle via GPS.

We are making every effort to bring the best services to our users and expand our partnerships.