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By July 10, 2019COSS Wallet
Negative maker fee

Hello, everyone.

As a step towards improving the trading fee structure for traders on COSS.io, we implemented 0% maker fees on 27th May, this year. This was an interim step towards introducing negative maker fees.

The moment we have all been waiting for… COSS is pleased to announce that negative maker fees will be implemented this Thursday, 11th July at 11.30 am GMT +8.

The exchange will be under maintenance on Thursday, 11th July between 11.00 to 11.30 am GMT +8 to implement this new fee structure.

Here is the new trading fee structure:

*Trading fees paid with COS tokens earns traders a discount of 25% on positive trading fees, where applicable.

What exactly is negative maker fees? In short, traders earn an incentive for posting liquidity in the order book.

There are several advantages to COSS and the community and in line with our vision of “Community First” & “Simple First”.

COSS has now become one of the very few exchanges in the world to have implemented negative maker fees along with the likes of BitMEX. Every step that we take henceforth makes sure that our community is kept first, while also ensuring that new users coming to our exchange are given the best trading platform possible.

The updated fee structure we are implementing can also attract more liquidity — by incentivising market makers to build a deeper order book. There are several other initiatives planned that should lead to further liquidity on COSS. We will be making more announcements in the coming days and weeks regarding those.

This is in line with our plans and promise of delivering results, and swiftly, in July.

Nothing more needs to be said. Happy trading and enjoy the negative maker fees!

Expect to hear from us again, soon… 🙂

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DISCLAIMER: COSS reserves the right to update this fee structure at any given time in the future depending on market circumstances and regulations.

This announcement is not meant to be taken as investment, accounting, tax or legal advice or a recommendation to buy, or sell any security, digital asset or other investment, management product or service or pursue any investment strategy. This post is for reference only. It will not help you to “lambo” or “moon” or any other euphemism for unhinged speculation. It should help you to supplement your own analysis of the project’s commercial viability.

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