The World’s First Token Merger. What’s in it for you?

By June 28, 2019COSS Wallet
Arax COSS merge

Crypto One Stop Solution was built with the vision to be a true ONE STOP SOLUTION for modern digital assets. The goal has been to provide a stable ground for the flourishing of the cryptocurrency industry supported by the massive user adoption of cryptocurrency among ordinary people.

They want to bring together people — customers, merchants, service providers, startups and businesses with different needs and resources. It was done in order to enable exchange, interaction, and mutual benefit.

This month, COSS and Arax Wallet have merged to create a larger product stack, powered by a single COS-token.

COSS was launched in mid-2017 with a vision to become one of the finest digital assets platform — a one-stop for all things cryptocurrency.

The platform has slowly built its feature stack to support:

  • a secure smart contract enabled wallet management system
  • support for 5 stablecoins
  • fiat payment gateway for international currencies
  • listing over 90+ digital assets
  • trading fee discounts using the COSS token
  • providing a unique Fee Split Allocation feature

FSA lets COSS token holders receive 50% of all trading fees generated by the exchange.

Arax Wallet currently offers a feature-set larger than other existing digital assets wallet today. Powered by the LALA token, Arax features currently include:

  • multi-digital asset storage
  • utility of digital assets for various services
  • support for several blockchains
  • full control of private keys
  • ability to send, receive and spend digital assets
  • global mobile top-ups supported in 160+ countries
  • instant digital asset exchange
  • make GPS-based transfers.

What is the new COS token?

COSS and LALA tokens will be swapped into the COS token. This world’s first token merger forms a super token, an asset combining all the features of its parent tokens, and a token that can be used on both platforms.

COSS and LALA token holders are able to swap their tokens for the new COS token on as per the following ratio:

COSS:COS = 1:1

LALA:COS = 10:1

What are the benefits for a COS token holder?

COS token holders are entitled to 50% of trading fees generated on through our Fee Split Allocation. The distribution is done by a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) — a smart contract which executes the function.

An improved product stack

The COSS platform offers BTC, ETH, COS, USD, EUR, GBP and USDT as base pairs, while supporting over 50 popular cryptocurrencies. More projects are being reviewed and added.

We add to the product stack our own multi-blockchain cryptocurrency wallet, the COSS Wallet (previously Arax Wallet by LALA World) which enables utility services like in-wallet token exchange, mobile credit top-ups and transfer via GPS technology.

Large and sustainable ecosystem

As the products merge to form the Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem, the token becomes one of the most advanced exchange tokens in the market today. We aim to be the most advanced digital asset ecosystem in the world as we add more services.

Boost to technology and resources

This merger combines the resources of both the companies. This means greater efficiency and a faster go-to-market approach.

A stronger leadership

Sankalp Shangari and Rune Evensen have a massive combined experience in their respective fields. Sankalp comes with a strong finance and entrepreneurial background, while Rune is considered a great marketer and product visionary. Supported by a strong team spread across several departments under the leadership, we build a stronger future for COSS.

Final Thoughts

The COSS team has envisioned and is determined to implement a strategy that enhances the COSS products, their security, incorporating user and community feedback, while adopting innovation.

We welcome everyone to join us in the new future we are shaping up for the Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem. A step towards a modern economic future, today.

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