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By July 6, 2019COSS Wallet
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COSS.io will be listing Spiking SPIKE token on 8th July, 2019.

SPIKE is the utility token of Spiking — a platform that allows you to gain market intelligence by helping traders of all levels to make better decisions.

Spiking has already won multiple awards in traditional trading markets, giving traders the ability to track the movement of ‘whales’ — what they define as significant market movers who have access to key information before that information is available to the public. Now, they are bringing their technology to the crypto sector.

By giving you the ability to follow ‘whale’ trades in the cryptocurrency market, they want to give you an even playing field, just like what they have done for traditional trading.

SPIKE will be available on the SPIKE/ETH and SPIKE/BTC pairs.

We are kicking off a trading promo for the SPIKE token along with the listing. Wallets are now open for deposits.

The trading promo will run from 08th July 2019–16:00 GMT +8 to 04th August 2019–16:00 GMT +8.

Here are the reward details for the trading promo:

Reward pool: 5,000,000 tokens

Number of rounds — 9

Each round period: 3 days

Each round pool: 500,000 SPIKE

The 500,000 SPIKE prize pool will be reset at the end of every round.

Top volume trader across the entire trading campaign wins a bonus of 500,000 SPIKE

  • Rank 1 : 10%
  • Rank 2 : 7.5%
  • Rank 3–5 : 5%
  • Rank 6–10 : 3.5%
  • Rank 11–20 : 3%
  • 10 random traders : 2%

Rewards will be distributed post the promo end.

Spread the word and happy trading. You can expect to hear from us again soon. 🙂

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