Reconstructing to Transform and Consolidate Growth – #17 Monthly Roundup

By June 6, 2019Arax Crypto Wallet
Arax and COSS token swap

Hello Community,

May was a great month for both the teams at COSS & ARAX. Teams met formally, sat together to plan the road ahead for the transformation and growth of the “Industry first” Token Merger. This month saw some major developments and here is a quick recap of them all.

One Master Token for Arax and Coss

A major announcement was made regarding the future of COSS and Arax merger. COSS and LALA token swap was made official. It was declared that there will be one master token that will be used throughout the ecosystem. However, the supply of the new token won’t increase above the already existing 200M Coss tokens. Read more…

Arax COSS merger

New Coins & Tokens Integrations

New coin integrations for Arax have been really important. Each month the team has been consistent at delivering to bring new coins to ARAX. This month saw the addition of two more coins in the list of Arax supported cryptocurrencies. Arax App users can now send, receive, store and exchange Jet Coin and MKR tokens using their wallet taking the total tally to 32 coins across 9 Blockchains all from a single wallet.

Arax announced the launch of its iOS version

The iOS version for Arax Wallet was announced to the global community. It’s now officially available on the App Store for all iOS users. The team is sparing no effort to deliver a product that is secure and user-friendly. Arax ecosystem with its merger with COSS will further reinforce the utility of crypto assets, as the wallet will play a promising role in the mass adoption of the digital currency. Read more.

Pizza Carnival hosted by Arax

Arax planned its Bitcoin Pizza Carnival in the spirit of Laszlo Hanyecza and his first trade with 10,000 BTC for two Papa Jones Pizza. A contest was held that required the participants to guess what will be the BTC price on 30th May’19 at 4:00 PM Singapore Time. Along with that, they were required to share their quirky & creative Pizza selfies on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook tagging @AraxApp and using #BitcoinPizzaDay and #AraxPizzaCarnival. The winners were to get free pizzas for three months straight.

Arax Pizza BTC

Updated trading Fee & Trading Promo

COSS & Arax team jointly announced an updated trading fee which is set up to benefit the traders. The new trading fee structure saw the MAKER fees at 0 and the TAKER fees at 0,2% (0.15% with 25% discount function). This is a fixed fee with no tiers so ALL traders can enjoy this. Along with that A trading promo was kicked off for both COSS and LALA tokens prior to the swap event. Winners of the promos will win ARX* tokens once the swap concludes. Also, will support the KIN Mainnet swap as committed to all its users.

The month of May now past, the spirit of both teams continues to remain high and motivated. We are putting in our best efforts to bring to you best products, more services, real partnerships, and news that will benefit you and the entire crypto market.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for your undying love and support. The zeal to serve you is what keeps us moving forward. We will bring to you more updates until then stay tuned.


Team Arax

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