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Several nights of surviving on caffeine, multiple canceled vacation plans, having small treats of meeting tight deadlines, a few grumpy family members and a happy boss. The development team of Arax Crypto Wallet has finally taken a breath of relief after having gone through it all, with the rebranded and updated COSS Wallet finally making its way to the app stores.

All of us remember the big merger of LALA World and that created the COSS Group — a larger Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem. With a new name of the parent company, we decided to rename our beloved crypto wallet to make everything unanimous.

Our developments are not just limited to giving the Arax Wallet a new name but also extends to the addition of two new features in the wallet.

Note: For existing Arax Crypto Wallet user, you will see an update notification on your screens so you just need to simply update your App to enjoy the new features. For new users- first of all, welcome to the family secondly, click on the links below to download the COSS Wallet and leverage the benefits provided by it.

Google Play Store (v.1.1.4):

Apple App Store(v.1.0.7):


What to expect from COSS Wallet.

  1. Address Book Feature

One of the innovative thinkers in our team came up with an idea which was purely born from the womb of his laziness. He thought, why to copy and paste the wallet address of people every time you want to transact cryptocurrencies. Instead, it’ll be a great idea to save them just like we save contacts on the phone. Voila! We have an address book feature in our wallet that allows you to do just that.

How to access it

Open COSS Wallet>Click on Account icon>Go to profile>Click on Address Book.

You will find a list of all your saved contacts divided into two categories, COSS and Non-COSS. To add a new contact,

Click on (+) icon> select COSS/Non-COSS user> enter the details>click on save.

It’s that simple!

2. COSS Star Rating

The Star Rating of the COSS Wallet users is a very significant feature as these ratings will determine your eligibility to avail various wallet services. The number of Stars assigned to you will reflect the level of completion of your profile.

Not just that, COSS Plus reward points are awarded to you for receiving every next star rating. These reward points can be redeemed to make mobile top-ups or can be exchanged for COS tokens (1 COSS Plus = 0.1 COS).

How to earn Star Rating

Receiving each star rating is very simple and rewarding. Here is all you need to do:

  • 1 Star Rating — Getting your first star is the easiest. All you need to do is successfully verify your email which is also the first step required to create your wallet. Easy points!
  • 2 Star Rating — When you receive the second star, you will be rewarded with 25 COSS Plus points and unlocks the mobile recharge services. All you need to do is create a COSS id and verify your mobile number.

COSS Wallet supports mobile recharges in 160+ countries and for 900+ operators allowing you to recharge mobiles of anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

  • 3 Star Rating — Things become a bit serious here. Just kidding, all you need to do for this star is complete your KYC process. Completion of this step will reward you with 50 COSS Plus points and will unlock the upcoming crypto lending and fiat to crypto services.

There are five simple steps to complete your KYC process.

  • Identity: Upload either your passport, national id or driving license. Make sure that your ID is not expired, the photo should be in color and clear with all the text and four corners of the Id visible.
  • Personal: Fill in your full name, date of birth, citizenship, and gender under this category.
  • Selfie: As the name suggests, upload your selfie clicked in good lighting conditions.
  • In-person: Here you need to upload a video with your face clearly visible. You need to speak your name thrice and the date of video recording. It shouldn’t be more than 10 seconds and 100MB in size.
  • Address: To verify your address, upload a picture of the front and back of either of the three documents- passport, national ID and driving license.
  • 4 Star Rating — After you receive your 4th star, you will be entitled to receive 100 COSS Plus points. This step is necessary to be an active participant of all the ongoing social media campaigns of COSS and earn rewards.
    For this, you need to link your social media accounts including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram with your wallet account.
  • 5 Star Rating* — Coming soon
    COSS Wallet will be introduced with Biometric and Facial recognition in the near future which you will have to complete to get the 5th star. Also, you will be rewarded with assured COSS Plus points after the completion of this step as well.

What to expect in the future?

The entire team is working tirelessly to come up with rewarding marketing campaigns and new features. We will soon be integrating these reward systems and features across all COSS platforms.

Have a suggestion or found a bug?

If you have a suggestion for us or encountered any problem during your experience with COSS Wallet then please send us an email detailing your problem/suggestion along with screenshots (wherever applicable) at [email protected].

Disclaimer: These awards may be subjected to alterations based on the discretion of the company. The company holds all the rights to make any changes in the rewards allocation at any time it deems fit.

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