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By September 17, 2019COSS Wallet
Trading Fees

Launching on 18th September 2019 at 14.00 GMT +8

“Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.” – Ed Seykota

Modern digital assets aka cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the savvy investor’s portfolio in an attempt to diversify it. You don’t get extra points to guess that this diversification is prompted by the need of any smart investor to maximise their profit and keep their losses at a minimum.

This is what every investor is striving for eventually – profits – right? Then why to decrease them in the name of something that’s mandatory yet seems so unnecessary for the investor?

Agreed. So what are you getting at?


If you are a cryptocurrency trader (which we assume you are, or you wouldn’t be here) you must be subjected to the fact that trading cryptocurrency involves fees, a lot of it. This fee is levied in the form of blockchain network fees, your fiat deposits and withdrawals (if your exchange allows it) fees and a lot of trading fees if you do not choose the right exchange to trade on.

Trading fees… what about it?

A portion of every trade you make aimed at maximising profits almost always get deducted in trading fees collected by the exchange, just like that. A one-way street!

Well, they gotta eat too. But thank YOU very much for trading.

Let us repeat that – ‘A portion of every trade’. That is a lot in trading fees, especially if you are a frequent trader. That is sometimes quite a lot of your actual turnover when turned into a cost. Don’t scratch your head, just take a look at the image below.

Here’s a quick look at what some of the exchanges charge you:

Also, if you think that’s all, then we are sorry to break this to you – it does not stop there. There remains a constant spread on the order book, in between the bid price and the ask price, which will make you ‘buy high, sell low’ if you are new to trading and do not know what you are doing. Every trade on every exchange performed by every trader has something called a ‘market impact’.

The spread also depends on the fluctuation of prices of individual assets which are a part of the trading pair.

Phew. I hope that’s all?

We wish!

Depending on which country you are in and its local tax laws, you must pay taxes on the gains you make.

Once you are able to understand and incorporate all of the above in your cryptocurrency trading strategy, you have finally arrived in the beautiful ecosystem that this modern digital asset economy is!

The anatomy of a trade:

Any trade at its basic level takes one of two forms:

  • A maker: a trader who adds a new order on the exchange and thus opens a trading opportunity for other traders. Other traders might try to put up a better-priced order, buy yours out or simply use it as a reference to decide where they would like to put their own order.
  • A taker: a trader who matches the order put up by a maker on the other side of the trade is a taker. Their order results in the execution of a successful trade with a maker.

Most exchanges either charge a flat fee per trade for both makers and takers, or charge a slightly lower fee to the maker as a minor incentive to provide trading opportunities.

Let’s change that for better and make trading tastier today… for every single trader out there.

COSS launches the most lucrative and the best crypto trading fees in the world – for all its traders.

So what exactly are our fees, compared to other exchanges? 

This fee structure actually pays you to trade!

That is one way to make sure your trades are not losing out on profits due to fees.

COSS offers –

  • 0% maker fees for all traders
  • Negative maker fees for all traders with a trading volume above US$ 5000
  • 50% of all trading fees generated on COSS shared daily with COS holders in ETH & COS
  • 25% discount on all applicable fees when paid with COS token
  • 0% deposit fees on fiat transfers with support for USD, EUR, GBP, HKD and JPY

On COSS, every trader pays 0% fees for all orders placed in the order book. If you trade frequently, COSS even pays a percentage of the fees to you!

Everyone wins. Whether you are an institutional market maker or a trader making trades to grow that stack, at COSS you will always pay the lowest fees possible.

Trade faster, cheaper, and maximise profits.

Trading in cryptocurrency and other markets has quickly evolved to a more automated, analysis based, algorithmic, high frequency trading. In addition to proprietary bots developed by those who code, they are so many more such as Gimmer – which let you build, test and implement trading strategies on COSS with the shortest learning curve.

The trading fees being 0% for all market makers makes identifying and creating opportunities in the market cost-free. Traders can now run a whole range of strategies such as Bidding, Arbitrage and even High Frequency Trades (HFTs) on COSS. The more you trade, the better it gets.

Sounds too good to be true. So what’s the catch?

The catch is very straightforward. It is time to be part of Asia’s largest digital asset ecosystem and make trading on COSS part of your trading strategy — a transparent, welcoming and active community of passionate people from around the world.

You really need to read the points above if you’ve just scrolled all the way to this part without reading the rest!

And while you are here… here’s the full new fee structure:

Happy trading!

And expect to hear from us again, soon… 🙂

Here’s a look into the Crypto One Stop Solution – Asia’s largest digital asset ecosystem:

Disclaimer: This announcement is not meant to be taken as investment, accounting, tax or legal advice or a recommendation to buy, or sell any security, digital asset or other investment, management product or service or pursue any investment strategy. It is for reference only. It will not help you to “lambo” or “moon” or any other euphemism for unhinged speculation. It should help you to supplement your own analysis of the project’s commercial viability.

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