How Arax crypto wallet can be a tool for intelligent crypto investors

By April 5, 2019LaLa World

When we talk about cryptocurrencies, we think of speed, efficiency, and peer to peer transactions. But lately, most platforms and wallets in the market do not reflect the same ideology. No one knows that better than the earliest adopters of the cryptocurrency, the investors. It is evident from the fact that every crypto investor is using two different wallets or exchanges to manage their assets and investment. And on top of that, the cryptocurrency exchanges make up a bad option for storing the assets for many reasons. Exchanges have access to your private keys. Also, they store crypto assets in hot wallets which are hard to trust due to their security vulnerabilities which have resulted in so many scams in the past.

All these factors bring us to the other option that most of the investors prefer for storing their cryptocurrencies i.e. wallets. Choosing a wallet is a hard task and the plenty of options in the market make it worse. The crucial factors that make a wallet stand out are cost, security, mobility, and convenience. The crypto wallets come with various options: hardware (physical) wallets, paper wallets, mobile wallets, etc. Each one has some trade-offs on one or two fronts among cost, security, mobility, and convenience. Also, finding one wallet that can provide you with every smart option is not easy. In search of a smart wallet, crypto investors have tried almost all the exchanges and wallets to find a platform that matches with all their needs.

Since smart investors understand the crypto market better, they have a knack for identifying a wallet for what it is worth. Above all, wallets are just tools that enable better management of crypto assets. All we expect from the crypto wallets is to store the coins safely and ease the transfer process. But, what if there is a wallet that enables you to do much more than that? A wallet that enables you to manage, access and transfer multiple coins with one master password. Also, it lets you pay your bills using crypto and keeps you updated on the latest news in the space. Meet Arax, a wallet to manage your crypto assets and a tool that does much more than expected.

Introducing Arax – Your Universal Crypto Wallet

Arax is a multi cryptocurrency wallet which supports 15+ top cryptocurrencies and can take care of all your needs as a crypto investor. It is purposefully built, keeping smart investing, portfolio management, and utility in mind. The biggest problem that many exchanges and wallets present is that they are cut off from traditional banking and fiat utility. And when investors use those wallets, they feel trapped in an isolated system. Arax is solving isolation for investors and at the same time keeping the benefits of crypto intact.

Here are some of the key aspects that will help you judge Arax better —

100+ Banks Supported

Dealing in crypto should not make people feel like they are laundering money or putting it in an unfamiliar isolated black box. In most wallets and exchanges, the integration and seamless transaction from banks is still missing. Arax will soon inherently support hundreds of banks so that you can send and receive money quickly and in real time. Also, the cryptocurrency transactions are faster than the bank transactions. So you will be able to make use of Arax wallet as an intermediary to manage your funds along with crypto. That is how this wallet manages to pull off the best of the two worlds in the land of finance and investing.

One password for multiple coins

Arax natively supports 17 different types of tokens and coins, making it one of the most versatile wallets. Imagine if you want to invest in ten different cryptocurrencies through different exchanges. Managing all of them can become pretty hard. But, Arax wallet can be your perfect tool to keep them all in one place.

Those who’ve dealt with multiple currencies and wallets know the pain of safely managing multiple private keys and passwords. A lot of people still store their keys and passwords on local computers in documents or on online drives. All those options are unsafe and require a lot of efforts. Using a master password, you will be able to ensure that all important account activity is always authorized and under your control.

Self-custody for security

Centralized exchanges are the worst when it comes to the safety of wallets. For maintaining liquidity over their platform, they keep all the crypto in hot wallets for ensuring faster buy/sell. Thus, they make use of the assets owned by individuals in transactions, just like traditional banks invest individually owned money in the public sector. The exchanges are prone to attacks and often became the cause of loss of public trust in cryptocurrency. The Arax wallet doesn’t take the possession of your master password. Users have an option to download their private keys and take complete ownership of their assets.


The entire industry clung to dark colors, hard to understand graphs, a lot of numbers, and made crypto look like rocket science. But we don’t want complexity to hinder the process of investing, managing portfolio, and keeping track of all our assets. The fact that investors and crypto enthusiasts understand the technology doesn’t mean that the complex interfaces assist them. Arax is clean, kept in the most important features and functions, and caters to the need of new people entering the crypto too. The user interface makes it clear that this tool is for improving our experience with crypto and not for complicating it.

Bill payments and recharges

In the Arax wallet, your crypto doesn’t lie dormant and useless. You can use your cryptocurrencies to pay for your utility bills, mobile recharges and much more. These real use cases take the crypto a step closer to the experience we get on fiat wallets. Leverage the power of Arax and use your cryptocurrency to pay various bills.

Lowest exchange rates

Low transactions rate is one of the most lucrative features in cryptocurrency. Still many wallets and exchanges eat up a significant amount in the transaction fee. Arax enables the fast and seamless exchange of one cryptocurrency with another at the lowest exchange rate in the market.

Inbuilt updates on cryptocurrency

Smart investing is all about keeping an eye on the ongoings in the market, new launches, and new regulations. Arax gives you updates on the cryptocurrencies right in the wallet to help you stay informed and connected with the ecosystem.

Investing in cryptocurrency and managing them is a demanding task, but not when you use the right and smart tools. Picking up the correct wallets can be a game changer for many crypto enthusiasts and investors. Arax is still under development and the roadmap ahead is set to bring more utility payment options, more coins, and better experience.

Intelligent crypto investing starts with intelligent tools, and Arax is a complete platform for keeping up with your portfolio and managing your assets smartly. With support in 162 countries and options to send and receive money from family, friends, and associates in a simple and reliable manner, Arax stands out among all the available wallets out there. Give it a try today!

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