From the CEO’s desk: Second Innings for COSS

By August 1, 2019COSS Wallet
CEO newsletter JULY

Thank You

Since we started our new journey for COSS, I realize that we have one of the most active and supportive communities around. And that is our strength. A lot of personal motivating messages over the last couple of months, feedback, criticism of some features, some bugs, some past endeavours, new suggestions, etc. Overall, it is evident that everyone wishes best for COSS and is trying to help in their own unique way. So. Thank You for keeping us motivated and on our toes. Every message and every feedback means a lot to me personally. Obviously, sometimes our hands are tied due to resources or other tasks at hand, but every concern and feedback is noted seriously and prioritised.

Settled In

July was an excellent month for COSS; we delivered beyond what we promised and achieved a whole lot more behind the scenes. The best part is that now that processes are set, and teams are in place, our new hires are settling in well, clarity of goals and tasks is there. Like any new merger, it was a confusing situation in the beginning, but things are all settled now and the pace of delivery should be much quicker from hereon.

August & Rest of 2019

August is on track as well for deliverables that we set for ourselves. Some highlights that we are working on are detailed below. The remainder of 2019 is going to be a defining period for all of us. We are well aware that we need to continue to make amazing progress with the best user experience. We need to continue investing in scalability, flexibility, security, and our ability to learn incredibly fast.

  1. Clarity of short term and long term objectives, which we shall share with you in time. For now, our short term objective is to make a secure and smooth running exchange in the next few months, increase volumes, bring in more users and increase the FSA for everyone
  2. Community first, COS HODLers first. Every product, every design, every new and old feature has to be thought through in a way which focuses on Users and their journey within the ecosystem
  3. Safety & Security is paramount and has to be as secure as humanly possible
  4. Customer data will never be sold or compromised
  1. Fingerprint authentication for COSS Wallet
  2. Improve marketing analytics to fuel decisions
  3. NEO GAS implementation after ZEN node upgrade
  4. Fixing 100% market order once and forever
  5. USDT node update to ERC20
  6. Simplified fee structure

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