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UPDATE: 26th June 2019

COSS Update

Announcing the new Simplified COSS

Thank you for all your support during the COS swap. Executing the world’s first token merger was never easy and several precedents were set. We are glad that the community was happy and we were able to finish the swap on time. Now it’s time for our next deliveries and a SIMPLIFIED COSS. As part of our ongoing efforts toward the best product and a great user experience, we are focusing on delivering the following next, with the mantra — Simple things first.

  • New, simplified trading pairs
  • Our commitment to Negative maker fees
  • New and simple trading fee structure
  • COSS Wallet new features
  • And last but not the least, some news since the last update:

The COS token merger went live yesterday. We have been closely monitoring the swap process and it has gone through seamlessly. This was made possible with the hard work of all our teams in the past few days who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, as you can tell.

The exchange was taken offline at 14:00 GMT +8 as planned and was back online in about 45 minutes with the token swap feature enabled.

The swap is the first major milestone in the development of the new COSS — the Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem that we are building.

In this update, we share some of the features we are working on in the next development sprint.

New, simplified trading pairs

We have previously shared that we are going to improve the quality of listings on the exchange. With that in mind, we have started to simplify and reduce our trading pairs.

We intend to make the new pairs live within two weeks. A final list will be released closer to the release. We will continue to reorganise our pairs progressively hereon based on internal and community feedback. A separate team has been put in place for that. Their primary job is to take internal and external feedback, brainstorm, review our listing and delisting tokens and processes, and make sure we deliver most liquid pairs. SIMPLE FIRST. LIQUIDITY FIRST.

You will get a better selection of tokens to trade with, as we implement the changes. Some pairs with zero volumes and hardly any community, are in the process of being delisted.

Negative maker fees

With 0% maker fees already in place, we intend to keep our promise and implement negative fees for certain tiers within July / August.

Negative maker fees incentivises traders to profit from adding liquidity on our order books, which in turn allows you to trade seamlessly. Besides simply introducing negative maker fees, we are working on a much larger incentivisation scheme that needs a little more time to announce and implement. Again, this is in line with our well thought product delivery process and not a simple random click and bait.

Maker fee implementation requires integral changes to the code. The developers have been working on making sure the changes are permanent, rather than short term fixes every time. This would take a few weeks and we intend to implement this in the month of July. This might spill over to August but we rather deliver what we promise.

This is essential because besides code level changes, we have to take into account factors like negative trading fee and its impact on things such as the FSA.

Since COSS already shares 50% FSA and a 25% discount on trading fees, the full impact on our revenue needs to be studied thoroughly; afterall, businesses need revenue to run. There are not many exchanges with so much to offer, let alone negative maker fees, but we are committed to deliver what we have promised. This is your new COSS; a simpler COSS; committed to giving you the best product and experience to our traders and COSS family.

New FSA structure

We are updating to new quote pairs during the next few days, while others are discontinued.

BTC, ETH, COS, USDT for crypto & USD, GBP, EUR for fiat.

This change, once implemented, will improve one of our most important features: the FSA and make it simple to understand and earn.

As we reviewed our FSA model, an important observation was made. We realise and understand that while COS token holders get a vast, passive portfolio of all tokens traded on our exchange, they do not get a meaningful quantity of it.

We have taken the decision to change our FSA model.

COS holders have been requesting a simplified FSA. We intend to deliver this as part of our next deliveries in the month of July and August.

Our FSA fee structure will be changed to take fees from the quote pair and convert those fees to ONLY 2 assets: COS and ETH.

This consolidation means you will receive a larger amount of COS and ETH, instead of insignificant amounts of all the assets offered on COSS. This also simplifies our internal calculations, and gives us meaningful tokens to serve you better. Quality over quantity. Fees collected in quote pairs other than COS and ETH will be converted to ETH.

As a part of Crypto One Stop Solution, we intend to increase the utility of COS token multiple fold. With increased COS & ETH via FSA, this would prove even more beneficial in the short and long run.

COSS Wallet: next release

The COSS Wallet will see a new release next week which will include:

  • Complete rebranding to COSS Wallet — the wallet will wear a new look to reflect the change from to COSS Wallet
  • Support for COS tokens — you will be able to store your COS tokens in the COSS Wallet and export your private key to keep it safe
  • COSS Rating — a new feature that rewards active users based on profile completeness
  • A new address book — the new version of the app will allow users to split their contacts between COSS Wallet and non-COSS Wallet users to allow for quicker transfers

Roundup of what else has been keeping us busy…

Binance Chain (BEP-2) is now successfully integrated in COSS Wallet

COSS Wallet has added support for Binance Chain and therefore for BEP-2 tokens that are supported by the blockchain. The wallet now supports 8 blockchains, which will allow us to increase the number of tokens we support in the future. BEP-2 tokens will be enabled in the next few days.

COSS awarded the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange in Singapore

COSS was awarded the title of ‘Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange’ in Singapore by World Blockchain Forum. Rune hosted a panel on Digital Finance in Asia and spoke about the world’s first token merger in his award acceptance speech.

Nirmal Ranga joins COSS

Nirmal Ranga has joined COSS as the Assistant Vice President of Trading & Operations. He will be responsible for exchange operations while developing high-end trading products and business strategies for the company. Prior to joining COSS, Nirmal worked with Zebpay as an exchange lead. Under his leadership, Zebpay was a leader in the cryptocurrency world, with a market share of almost 78% in India.

We are excited to have him on board and are sure that his experience will take COSS to greater heights. For more about Nirmal, please read our piece about him.

Rune at Tokenize Assets, Singapore 2019

Rune announced the COS token at Tokenize Assets, Singapore on 25th June as the world’s first token merger went live on He delivered an in-depth presentation on the state of cryptocurrency adoption in the world and how the Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem will facilitate the same through innovation.

While these are just some highlights, there are several other features and upgrades the team is working on. With a new, simplified COSS, your continuous feedback, and a rejuvenated team, our work has just begun. A lot of busy days and months ahead for all of us. Meanwhile we thank you for all the love and support. Keep it coming.

You will hear from us again, soon…

COSS welcomes the ‘AVP-Trading & operations’ – Nirmal Ranga

New addition in COSS family

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”– Doug Conant

COSS is steadily headed on the path of bringing the best services and products for its community. We, at COSS, realize the integral role played by the employees in making an organization a success which prompted us to make an addition to our COSS family with a hardworking and experienced professional- Mr. Nirmal Ranga.

Mr. Ranga has joined us as the Assistant Vice President – Trading & Operations and will be responsible for facilitating the smoothening of exchange operations. He will also be focused on contributing in developing high-end trading products & business strategy for COSS.

Prior to his joining COSS family, Nirmal worked with Zebpay Exchange and helped them generate revenue and streamline their operations with his skills and expertise. Under the leadership of Nirmal as an Exchange Lead for 2 years, Zebpay managed to be a market leader in the cryptocurrency world with a market share of almost 78%.

He also facilitated the exchange with the transitioning of OTC Model to Open-Order Book Model.

His 10+ years of work experience also includes organizations like Dynamic Equities Pvt. Ltd. and R.R. Consumer Pvt. Ltd. where he was responsible for managing Prop Book which had 200 million USD of Fund Value. His valuable efforts as the Proprietary Equity Trader and Senior Proprietary Trader in the organizations respectively, lead to a revenue generation of 30-35% annually on the capital employed.

We are extremely optimistic that Nirmal’s expertise in Derivatives Trading, Equity Research, Portfolio Management, FX Hedging, and Technical Data Analysis will greatly contribute in increasing COSS’s revenue and operations quality by multiple folds.

His strong search and execution ability can be attributed to his education as Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused on Finance and Financial \Management Services from the Institute For Technology and Management.

COSS is blessed to have such capable, driven, hardworking and knowledgeable professionals on-board who can be trusted with the responsibility of taking COSS to new heights of success.

We extended our heartfelt gratitude to all for your continued support and hope that with latest announcements, the confidence in us and our initiatives as only grown.



Binance Chain (BEP-2) is now successfully integrated in ARAX

Binance Chain

Hello Community,

We, at Arax Wallet, has got a piece of exciting news for you all. This time, Arax is not integrating a new coin in its wallet but a new blockchain. Yes, you read it right! Arax is adding Binance chain(BEP-2) to its Wallet increasing the total number of supported blockchain to 8 blockchains. This helps to store all the BEP-2 based assets in Arax wallet.

Integrating Binance chain in Arax allows users to store and trade other coins listed on Binance chain. Not just that, Arax Wallet will also be able to list all the coins supported by Binance chain, making our wallet a bit more universal. However, BNB Token is only supported by Trust Wallet and Arax Crypto Wallet till now.  

For those who are still unaware of Arax Crypto Wallet, we would like to introduce our wallet to you again.

Arax is a multi-currency wallet that offers a range of crypto-utility based financial services. Users can hold, send, make P2P transfers with a unique GPS feature and exchange their currencies with other cryptocurrencies using the wallet. All this is possible while having complete control over your private keys.

The wallet enables ease of control for all your digital assets. Supporting multiple blockchains, the wallet serves as a one-stop manager for your digital assets. Users can spend their cryptocurrency to make utility bill payments and to buy mobile credit in 160+ countries. The wallet serves as the bridge where cryptocurrencies meet real-world utility.
Arax currently supports 32 cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains.

Binance chain

Binance has achieved its goal of creating a Binance ecosystem with the introduction of Binance chain – a highly anticipated blockchain protocol aimed to support decentralized exchanges. BNB token will be used as gas on Binance Chain to assist network transactions.

Binance chain serves the purpose of being one market place that enables buying, selling, and exchange of cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. Binance chain will be focussing on the better performance, ease of use, transfer, liquidity, and trading of blockchain assets. Binance chain aims to provide new possibilities in the crypto arena and smooth flow of crypto assets in the future.

We are working day and night to bring new announcements for our users. Our efforts are driven by the aim of providing our users and community with best in class services and an all in one wallet which eliminates their need of maintaining multiple wallets.

For more updates, stay tuned!



Team Arax

Reconstructing to Transform and Consolidate Growth – #17 Monthly Roundup

Arax and COSS token swap

Hello Community,

May was a great month for both the teams at COSS & ARAX. Teams met formally, sat together to plan the road ahead for the transformation and growth of the “Industry first” Token Merger. This month saw some major developments and here is a quick recap of them all.

One Master Token for Arax and Coss

A major announcement was made regarding the future of COSS and Arax merger. COSS and LALA token swap was made official. It was declared that there will be one master token that will be used throughout the ecosystem. However, the supply of the new token won’t increase above the already existing 200M Coss tokens. Read more…

Arax COSS merger

New Coins & Tokens Integrations

New coin integrations for Arax have been really important. Each month the team has been consistent at delivering to bring new coins to ARAX. This month saw the addition of two more coins in the list of Arax supported cryptocurrencies. Arax App users can now send, receive, store and exchange Jet Coin and MKR tokens using their wallet taking the total tally to 32 coins across 9 Blockchains all from a single wallet.

Arax announced the launch of its iOS version

The iOS version for Arax Wallet was announced to the global community. It’s now officially available on the App Store for all iOS users. The team is sparing no effort to deliver a product that is secure and user-friendly. Arax ecosystem with its merger with COSS will further reinforce the utility of crypto assets, as the wallet will play a promising role in the mass adoption of the digital currency. Read more.

Pizza Carnival hosted by Arax

Arax planned its Bitcoin Pizza Carnival in the spirit of Laszlo Hanyecza and his first trade with 10,000 BTC for two Papa Jones Pizza. A contest was held that required the participants to guess what will be the BTC price on 30th May’19 at 4:00 PM Singapore Time. Along with that, they were required to share their quirky & creative Pizza selfies on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook tagging @AraxApp and using #BitcoinPizzaDay and #AraxPizzaCarnival. The winners were to get free pizzas for three months straight.

Arax Pizza BTC

Updated trading Fee & Trading Promo

COSS & Arax team jointly announced an updated trading fee which is set up to benefit the traders. The new trading fee structure saw the MAKER fees at 0 and the TAKER fees at 0,2% (0.15% with 25% discount function). This is a fixed fee with no tiers so ALL traders can enjoy this. Along with that A trading promo was kicked off for both COSS and LALA tokens prior to the swap event. Winners of the promos will win ARX* tokens once the swap concludes. Also, will support the KIN Mainnet swap as committed to all its users.

The month of May now past, the spirit of both teams continues to remain high and motivated. We are putting in our best efforts to bring to you best products, more services, real partnerships, and news that will benefit you and the entire crypto market.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for your undying love and support. The zeal to serve you is what keeps us moving forward. We will bring to you more updates until then stay tuned.


Team Arax

Arax 29th May Update

Arax COSS trading promo
  • 0% Maker fees is now live
  • Missing tokens from migration
  • Trading promos
  • KIN Mainnet swap
  • LALA and COSS token swap to ARX

0% Maker fees: successfully implemented 0% Maker fees on 27th May 2019. The exchange was put in maintenance-mode with an expected downtime of 1–2 hours and was back online in around 57 minutes.

With this update, we are one step closer to implementing negative fees.

To educate those who might not know, a Maker is defined as a trader who adds a (limit) order to the orderbook, thus, “making” a trade. Therefore, having a 0% maker fee is intended to incentivize users to create orders on the orderbook, which in turn creates a more active market.

On the other hand, anyone who trades directly from the orderbook becomes a Taker and pays 0.2% fees. Trading directly from the orderbook means placing your order against an existing entry in the orderbook.

When the maker places a limit order, the exchange locks the usual trading fee of 0.2%. The fee is released when the limit order is filled as a maker or canceled.

You get an additional 25% discount by enabling the option to pay trading fees with COSS tokens in Settings > Profile.

Missing tokens from migration: users have been facing a known issue regarding token balances missing from their account wallet after the migration to v1.2 in December 2018.

Tokens have been previously restored on a case-by-case basis. That is resource-intensive and our team is now working on a one time fix to resolve the issue for all users affected.

Your tokens are absolutely safe. The issue is due to an error in updating the virtual balances post the migration. It will be resolved.

If you are a user affected by this issue, please fill out the Google Form given in the link below. If you have already raised a support ticket, you don’t need to do anything; we have all the details we need. Users are advised to fill this form at the earliest.

Form for missing balances:

Trading promos:

We are kicking off a trading promo for both COSS and LALA tokens prior to the swap event! Winners of the promos will win ARX tokens once the swap has concluded.

The trading promo will run from 01st June 2019–00:00 GMT +8 to 15th June, 2019–23:59 GMT +8.

The promos will run separately for each token. The reward pool and distribution will be identical for both promos.

Here are the reward details for each token promo:

Reward pool: 25000 ARX tokens

Ranked Prizes: Top 10 traders

Random Prizes: 10 random traders

  • Rank 1 : 15% of pool + 1 Ledger Nano S + Arax swag + surprise gift
  • Rank 2 : 12.5% of pool + Arax swag + surprise gift
  • Rank 3–5 : 12.5% of pool + Arax swag
  • Rank 6–10 : 5% of pool + Arax swag
  • 10 random traders : 1% of pool

Rewards will be distributed post the token swap. Winners will be notified separately.

KIN Mainnet swap will support the KIN Mainnet swap as committed to all its users. Here are the details of how we will proceed:

  • Sunday 02 June, 2019–20:00 GMT +8 — Withdrawals & Deposits will be suspended
  • Monday 03 June, 2019–11:00 GMT +8 — Token swap commences
  • Monday 03 June, 2019–14:00 GMT +8 — We resume Deposits & Withdrawals

Please spread the word with the KIN community.

LALA and COSS token swap to ARX

We are all working hard towards the token swap of LALA and COSS tokens to the new merged token ARX.

The date of the swap will be announced in a later update.

HODLers and traders of the token can proceed with depositing their tokens to the respective wallets on to ensure that they are notified easily when the swap begins, and receive their new tokens seamlessly.

Please note again, the date of the swap will be announced at a later date. You may continue to HODL and trade the tokens where they are for now. Or you may deposit and continue to trade on

Until then, HODL! 🙂

Its official – Arax is now live on iOS! Download Now!

Arax iOS launch

Arax team is ready with another announcement for the community. The Arax Wallet is now officially available on the App Store for all iOS users. Download it here.

Currently, the Arax iOS version supports 30 digital assets across seven different Blockchains. Every week more coins and blockchains are being integrated into the wallet.

The blockchains and tokens supported by the Arax are user favorites and the most preferred ones. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar (XLM), LALA Token, COSS,  Binance (BNB), OmiseGO (OMG), TrueUSD (TUSD) to name a few.

For those new here, Arax is a universal crypto wallet that serves as a customized solution for some of the most important use-cases within the crypto-verse. The Arax Wallet is being built with unique features that provide all the benefits of an online wallet, without any of the associated security risks.

Arax enables all users to:

  1.  Send and receive cryptocurrencies via an industry first GPS feature ‘Nearby’
  2.  Mobile recharges and bill payments via your preferred cryptocurrency in 140+ countries
  3. Store multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet with complete control of your Private Key
  4.  Exchange cryptocurrencies seamlessly
  5.  Secure your Arax Wallet with a single Master Password


“With the crypto market ticking upwards, we believe Arax is going to remould the way we crypto.” – Sankalp Shangari, CEO of LALA World

The team is sparing no effort to deliver a product that is secure and user-friendly. Arax ecosystem with its merger with COSS exchange earlier this month will further reinforce the utility of crypto assets, as the wallet will play a promising role in the mass adoption of the digital currency.

We are channelizing all our energies and efforts to build Arax into one of the most competitive product ecosystems in the crypto space. Newer Arax versions will later support features like Dapps, new blockchain integrations, trading signals, remittance, star ratings & in-app loyalty rewards.

They will also support online payments, staking of coins, kiosk payments along with a web app and more, as we move into new geographies.

We would like to give a shout-out to everyone and especially the global developer communities to participate in the further development of this new age universal wallet.

We welcome you to experience Arax Wallet beta on your iOS devices today and be part of the new crypto-order!


Team Arax


Zero trading fees

Traders are a critical part of our ecosystem, and we thank you for your support.

We have had many queries regarding changing to a negative maker fee structure from our community.

Multiple fee models have been investigated and your feedback has also been taken into account.

A change to negative fees is quite a complicated task; more complicated than simply changing a few parameters. In the meantime, we will implement a ‘stop-gap’ solution while our developers ready the system for negative fees.

Starting next week, we will set the MAKER fees at 0 and the TAKER fees at 0,2% (0,15% with 25% discount function) This will be a fixed fee with no tiers so ALL traders can enjoy this.

Here is the new trading fee with negative maker fee that we aim to deliver during June:

                                                                               Subject to change.

As you can see, we are reducing the tiers to 3 to make the entire fee structure easier to grasp for everyone. Do note that this structure is subject to change and the numbers shown may or may not be the final one, but we should be very close.

Short news today; but one we feel you would welcome!

Meanwhile, we continue working on our roadmap, short- and long-term deliverables and the upcoming token swap into ARX. We will keep you posted as we get closer.

Join our community at various channels :








We are doing our bit to make crypto adoption a reality with Arax.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Team Arax

Arax Pizza Carnival – Guess Bitcoin Price & Win a Pizza For Next Three Months

bitcoin pizza day

Dear Pizza & Crypto lovers,

Arax offers you all to win your favorite Pizza for three straight months, yes you heard that right. Arax takes the baton from the Bitcoin Pizza legend Laszlo Hanyecza and makes sure the tradition carries on.

All you need to do is guess what will be the BTC price on 31st May’19 at 4:00 PM Singapore Time. Along with that share your quirky & creative Pizza selfies on TwitterInstagram or Facebook tagging @AraxApp and using #BitcoinPizzaDay and #AraxPizzaCarnival

Please Note: The top10 right or the closest guesses including the best 10 creative selfies will win a Pizza every month for three months. (T&C applied)

Entries close on Saturday, 25th May’19, 7:00 PM Singapore Time

Arax pizza

Terms & Conditions

1. Each participant needs to Download and Signup on Arax App (available both on Android & iOS).

2. Create your Arax Id in the App (Example [email protected]).

3. Only the Bitcoin price on will be considered while choosing winners.

4. Submit your entries here by 25th May’19, 7:00 PM Singapore Time.

5. Top or the closest 10 entries will win up to $15 worth of crypto in their respective Arax Wallets for their favorite Pizza.

6. Special mentions of all the winners on official website & social channels

7. Participants can win a pizza for Three months by following these steps (Mandatory)

a. Submit your BTC price guess along with your Arax Id in the provided link

b. Click a selfie with your Pizza, solo or with your gang

c. Upload and Share the selfie on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

d. Tag @AraxApp and use #BitcoinPizzaDay #AraxPizzaCarnival

8. The best 10 quirky selfies will be picked and adjudged winners by our Management Team

a. Winners need to do at least 3 transactions every month to be eligible for the Pizza deal


All the best,

Team Arax

Bitcoin & other crypto assets are sky-rocketing; put your ARAX wallet to use

Bitcoin Bull run

At the start of the BTC rally i.e., on February 7, 2019, the price of Bitcoin was $3,409. The momentum of the rally caused the price of BTC to be $8,023 (an increase of over 200% in BTC market cap ) at the time of writing which is still increasing. I know, many of you would be interested in entering the crypto space at this time because, obviously, FOMO. However, before you purchase your first BTC, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, free of centralized control. Not even the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin can change the rules of the Bitcoin protocol.
  • Bitcoin is very secure as every transaction made with BTC is encrypted. It is maintained on a worldwide Blockchain and cannot be seized or demonetized by anyone.
  • The entire Blockchain of Bitcoin is maintained by a network of miners who work together to secure the network, and in the process maintaining a verifiable and incorruptible ledger of all transaction. It is transparent and anyone can check the data freely.
  • Bitcoin transactions are made with wallets which means that the source of transactions or wallet addresses can be identified but not the owners of those wallets. This makes BTC anonymous.

Safety Measures to take before and after buying Bitcoin to safeguard your digital assets.

  • Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, stored on a ‘address’ on the blockchain. A decentralized wallet keeps your private keys on a Blockchain server which means even if the wallet is hacked or shut down, you will be in possession of your private keys.
  • Never share or lose your private keys as it is your private keys which give you access to your assets. If malicious parties get access to your private keys, they will get into a position of stealing your digital assets.

ARAX as a safe crypto wallet option

When talking about safe and secure cryptocurrency wallets, Arax has some of the best security features to offer.

  • It is a great option if you are the owner of more than one cryptocurrency as it stores 30+ cryptocurrencies in one single wallet.
  • It is a decentralized wallet which means all the private keys are saved with the user and not visible to Arax thus ensuring your privacy and security of the assets.
  • The wallet has ease of control with one master password. You can access all your private keys with this one password releasing you of the worries of remembering different private keys.
  • Arax also facilitates crypto to crypto swap within the wallet.
  • You can send and receive crypto via GPS using the Near-by feature offered by the wallet.

As a new BTC investor, things can get quite confusing. However, we hope we helped you a bit here. Take your decisions wisely and store your crypto in a safe and decentralized wallet like Arax Crypto Wallet.

Disclaimer – The Content is for informational purposes only and doesn’t include any professional investment advice. You should not construe the provided information as professional and/or investment advice.

Maker (MKR) is now live on Arax

Hello Community,

As usual, Arax won’t go about the week without announcing another coin integration.

We are expanding our arena by incorporating an increasing number of coins every week and making ourselves more inclusive.

This time, we have integrated MKR in our Crypto Wallet App allowing all the Arax users to send, receive, store and exchange the cryptocurrency from one single wallet.

About MKR

Maker or MKR is an Ethereum based token which is native to Maker project and is used as a governance token. The primary purpose of this token is to establish a line of decentralized cryptocurrencies which will derive its value from tangible and valuable assets like currency, gold, etc.

Essentially, Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization which was established with the aim of minimizing the price volatility of its own stablecoin DAI. However, the MKR is itself volatile. It is a utility token whose price rises with the increased utilization of DAI.

About Arax

Arax, at launch, supported 12 cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains. Staying true to our word, we have now successfully integrated 19 new coins over a short period of time. We now support 31 cryptocurrencies across 9 Blockchains.

Arax also offers various in-app services including mobile bill payments & recharges via cryptocurrencies. We also offer instant cryptocurrency conversions, and remittance (to be live soon). You can also send crypto with its industry-first feature “Near By” via GPS instantly. It is a single storage app for multiple digital assets that gives each user true immutable ownership.

We are making every effort to bring the best services to our users and expand our partnerships. Follow us on our social media channels for more updates. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your undying love and support.


Team Arax

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