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Move to LALA’s Official Wallet “Arax” before 7th May 2019 and Avail Loyalty Bonus

LALA wallet

Dear Community,

ARAX is the newest, meticulously designed and most accepted addition to the crypto community from LALA. Our spirits have continued to remain high since our transformation from LALA Wallet to Arax.

LALA was the foundation stone for everything we dreamt of achieving, making it a perfect case for mass adoption. The new decentralized “ARAX Wallet” from our stable brings to you an all-new experience. It is a platform where you can store all your digital assets across different blockchains at one place. Our highly secure wallet design keeps your crypto, as well as your peace of mind, safeguarded from a threat. It is a one-stop control center of your crypto finance.

All new Arax Wallet is not just neat and clutter-free design-wise, it is a major improvement over in terms of functionality, products & services to come as well. With the Arax launch in February we explained to what all wallet now brings to its users and today we share an important decision, an announcement regarding the same.

The team at LALA World has decided to discontinue its flagship LALA Wallet to channelize all its focus and energies in further development & expansion of now official wallet “ARAX”.

LALA is convinced that the developing Arax blockchain architecture will be great for both users and the company. This will help us to stronghold our leadership position in the Blockchain technology world.

We request you all to treat this as a formal announcement from the company. All the LALA World Wallet users can use their funds in LALA before 7th May 2019 to avoid any unintended losses.

Please Note: 7th May 2019 will be the last day that the LALA World App will be available for Android & iOS devices!

How to Transfer Your Digital Assets to Arax Wallet?

Here are the simple steps to help you create your wallet address in Arax:

1. Download Arax Wallet & Signup
2. Go to Home and click on the “LALA Token”
3. Now click on the “Create New Wallet”
4. Enter your “Master Password” to create the wallet
5. Click on the Upper Right Corner (three dots)
6. Click “Display QR Code”, now you can see your LALA Token address. 

You can follow these same steps for your all other favorite coins to create respective wallet addresses and make transfers.

Note 1: Never Forget Your Master Password!

Note 2: Only once you complete these steps, we would be able to credit your winning reward!

Entire team admires your consistent support and your belief in the project throughout this period of transitions and growth.

The team welcomes you to experience Arax: Your Universal Crypto Wallet.

Thank You!