Arax- Our March Forward, #15th Monthly Roundup.

By April 4, 2019LaLa World
Arax march roundup

Dear Community,

The past month was a march forward in the continuous development of Arax. It was all about designing product strategies, new coin integrations, important partnerships and chalking out the top product & services that should be made available for all the Arax App users to enjoy their preferred digital assets.

The team managed to accomplish what was planned for last month and we are happy to see the results. Let us take a quick look back.

Arax Integrates New Coins & Tokens

Consistent and new coin integrations for Arax have been really important this month. The team officially delivered DAI (MakerDao Stablecoin), Lisk, Polymath, Zilliqa, and Aeternity coin integrations in the Arax Wallet successfully taking the tally to 18. Allowing all our wallet users to store, send, receive and exchange five new coins, all from a single wallet.

Arax Coin winner

Arax Partnered with CoinSwitch

Arax established a valuable partnership with CoinSwitch in March. CoinSwitch provides users the ability to convert their digital assets across leading exchanges through its intuitive user-friendly interface, offering a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs.

This partnership will benefit Arax users a lot as we continue to integrate more coins, facilitating the mutual growth of both the platforms and strengthening Arax’s in-app exchange services. Read more

Sankalp Shangari & Token 2049

Sankalp Shangari, Founder & CEO of LALA World, attended Token2049 in HongKong. This event was all about meeting important people, discussing valuable partnerships that would help in globalizing Arax Wallet.

There Sankalp met the “Made Man” Ian Balina, a superstar crypto Youtuber, Charlie Lee, Founder Litecoin, Bitcoin Economist Saife Dean and the team of Tron who were present there with a giant avocado. Their avocado definitely managed to grab a lot of eyeballs and became a big hit among the visitors.

Token 2049

Arax Winner Announcement

The first leg winners of the Arax inaugural campaign were announced in March, where 500,000 LALA Tokens were awarded. We kept our promises as the winners were successfully rewarded those tokens in their respective Arax Wallets making them joyous.

New Arax Website Released

We successfully released an all-new Arax Website for our users and community worldwide. It is complete with all the new information, news, upcoming and current features supported in Arax with a better user interface.

Festive Colors at LALA World

The month of March also brought with it an ancient traditional festival of “Holi” which marks the triumph of good over evil, celebrated with colors. For us, these different colors symbolized the colorful digital assets out there. These decentralized currencies will eventually make most of the centralized authorities irrelevant in the time ahead.

Arax holi celebrations

Arax Announced Bug Bounty Campaign

Mid-March, our Bug Bounty Campaign went live having exciting rewards for the winners. This was an initiative to seek help from the developer community along with the users to help identify any vulnerabilities in Arax. It allowed us to work on feedbacks shared and make more global communities acquainted with the decentralized Arax wallet.

Arax wallet since its launch has been well received by the crypto fraternity. Reviews & feedbacks from the communities makes it evident that this is a good product and people globally are using it. Arax reached its 5K+ download mark this month and that speaks volumes of its growing popularity.


With the start of spring, some new partnerships and new integrations bloomed for Arax & LALA. We are hoping the season continues to germinate new opportunities of collaborations and expansions. We are doing our bit to make crypto adoption a reality with Arax – Your Universal Crypto Wallet.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Team Arax

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